Hi, I'm Siân, and i'm so glad you are here!

After years of struggling with my mental and physical health, with no successful help from the allopathic medical system, I knew I had to go on a personal healing journey. Where I ended up, was in the depths of diet culture, and an operating theatre!

I was doing everything that I thought was healthy, but reality was it was slowly downgrading my health, which led to my gut getting worse, instead of healing, huge hormonal imbalances, and eventually, emergency surgery that saved my life. Which is why I went on a whole new health journey, studied at and graduated from the College of naturopathic Medicine, and now I am here to change the way you approach your gut and overall health. 

I am here to empower you to approach nutrition, in a simplistic but effective way, nourishing your gut with real food, and help you understand how much lifestyle impacts your gut and entire body. And what improvements you can make.

I created this course because I know if I had access earlier on in my journey, it could have saved me time, money, and heartache! I want YOU to feel EMPOWERED, and full of health, vitality, and LOVE for your beautiful, amazing, powerful body, and nurture it the way it deserves.